Meet Doris Daydreamer

Hello, Hello!

I’m so happy you’ve taken a moment to stop by and learn more about Daydreamer Cottage, my friend. I’m Doris… a mom to two amazing grown daughters, and have been married to a wonderful man for over 27 years. Our empty nest family also includes a crazy Yorkie that pretty much runs our household. Some days she’s my painting buddy, and some days she’s Cujo, so I try and steer clear of her!

Why, you might ask, have I decided to launch a new business at 60 years of age? Why not?!!

Two years ago, I found myself back on the relocation journey with my husband due to his employment requirements. Mind you, I have moved 18 times in my life, however, this move was a little bittersweet. We were leaving a home we built in the Texas Hill Country, and we thought it would be our forever home. Life happens. For the seven relocations I’ve made with my husband, I always re-invented myself and found meaningful work. This move felt different. I really didn’t feel like polishing up my resume again. Sooo, I looked at this new chapter of my life as an opportunity to do something I’ve always dreamt of. Working for ME. But what might that be? My creative soul was presenting so many options!

Figure it out, daydreamer. I have been called Doris Daydreamer all my life. I was named after my Grandma Doris, Doris Day was in her heyday, and apparently, my parents thought I spent too much time in my bedroom daydreaming.

While considering the possibilities, I began painting some of the furniture that just “didn’t fit in” with the design style our new home. In fact, I wanted to paint just about everything! At first, I thought it was the art therapy that was making me happy. Slowly I began to realize that I was really enjoying myself and I was good at it! Pieces of tired and outdated furniture that I couldn’t give away were now getting grabbed up by my daughters. The girls were unable to imagine the possibilities of transforming their childhood dresser or vanity into something new, special and functional. These castaways had now become something perfect for their modern, busy lives. I moved on to giving the nasty 1980’s orange solid oak office furniture in the garage a face-lift, and suddenly my husband decided that he wanted it for his home office after all. I felt as though I could somehow have a conversation with these rejected pieces of furniture. What was their story? What stories did they still have to tell? I knew they could become cherished heirloom quality pieces just by using my vision and imagination.

The lightbulb went off, and Daydreamer Cottage was born.

This is also where my life experience (age) has been a plus for my business. I truly understand how important it is for you to make your home special for you and your family. You want your home to reflect your style and for it to become a refuge for you and your family as you navigate through your crazy busy lives. Perhaps you can’t find the furniture you really want at the big box stores. Or maybe you have inherited some pieces of furniture, but as they are, they don’t work for your decorating style. Maybe you want one statement piece. Maybe you want several. Maybe you have some ideas for some tired looking pieces that that you already own that have “good bones” but just need some TLC. Maybe you simply don’t know where to begin.

I can help you with that!

There is such satisfaction with saving beautiful solid wood pieces of furniture from going to a landfill. Today’s furniture is simply not made like it once was. I’d be honored to help you re-envision your pieces of furniture (or mine) for your home. After designing and re-inventing my belongings for 18 homes of my own, I’m confident I can help you make your house a home, as well.

Let’s do some daydreaming together!

And remember, 60 is the new 40. (Wink, wink). Contact me and let’s get started!



Doris Daydreamer